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This website is for members of the Royal Mail Senior Executives Pension Plan and is designed to provide relevant information in relation to the Plan.

Trustee Report and Accounts

Each year the Trustee prepares an annual report and accounts providing information about the Plan.

The latest Trustee Report and Accounts is included below.

Statement of Investment Principles

The Statement of Investment Principles (SIP) sets out the Plan's investment strategy, including the investment objectives and investment policies.

Summary Funding Statement

The Summary Funding Statement is issued to Plan members and beneficiaries to provide details of the Plan's funding position.

Member Newsletter

The trustees prepare an annual newsletter to provide members and beneficiaries with information about the Plan. The latest newsletter is provided below.

Pension Scams

Find out how pension scams work, how to avoid them and what to do if you suspect a scam.

Be ScamSmart!

Where to find out more

If you have a query about the Plan, contact:

01737 274655